Practical Studies for Flute, Book I
  • Practical Studies for Flute, Book I

Practical Studies for Flute, Book I

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The exercises and studies in this book are written to supplement and augment the numerous elementary method books available. The preliminary exercises stress the fundamentals of scales, chords, and intervals in the various keys. The importance of these fundamental exercises must be recognized as the foundation of fine playing. The etudes develop style, tone, and interpretation. Some of these studies are designed to be played by a group, or in a sectional rehearsal, if desired. Careful attention to correct fingerings, rhythms, and phrasing in these and other studies will result in musically satisfying performance. This book will be found to be useful for individual and class instruction.



Ralph R. Guenther
Flute teaching material
Publication Date
9780769228457 (0769228453)