Schimmel Classic

Schimmel Classic Series Upright Pianos

'Classic' seems a very appropriate name for these instruments, which assumed the official title to differentiate them from the 'Konzert' range when the latter was launched at the beginning of the 21st century.  The models which make up the Classic range of uprights have seen constant development for more than 20 years now and have, over that time, found homes with a wide range of amateur and professional musicians and in many different settings.  When the Music Department of the University of York replaced all their rehearsal room pianos, they purchased Schimmel Classic C120 and C126 models, so impressed were they by the quality of sound and responsiveness offered by these pianos.

The range consists of 4 models - the C114MJ, C116T, C120T, and C126T, with the 116 and 120 size models also available in a more modern casework design (C116M and C120M).  The C114MJ and C116T are the same piano internally but offer contrasting casework designs.  The C120T has the same Schimmel-designed Renner mechanics as the two smaller models but benefits from longer strings and a larger soundboard area.  The C126T is larger again and offers a different character, sitting in many ways as a half-way house between the Classic and Konzert ranges.  The 114, 116 and 120 models all offer astonishing depth and power for their size, and the 126 has a crisper and slightly brighter sound with a lighter action.

Schimmel's constant striving to make better and better pianos means that the history of their ranges can be quite complicated to navigate (particularly with regard to the Classic range), and we have noticed that some try to take advantage of that.  We are aware of all the models and changes made over the years, down to the smallest details, so if you are unsure about any Schimmel piano please do not hesitate to contact us for our advice.

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