Forsyth Instrument Repair Services

The Forsyth team of technicians offer servicing and repair on all kinds of instruments, with specialist staff to cater for guitars, orchestral strings, woodwind and brass.

Guitar Repair

Our guitar department has a fully equipped workshop that is usually occupied by our senior technician Glen. Here we are able to offer a comprehensive repair service from set ups to major structural work. A non comprehensive list of jobs we regularly undertake includes:

  • Set ups for acoustic, electric, classical and folk instruments
  • Fret dresses and refrets
  • Fitting pickups  
  • Fitting of Bigsbys and similar vibratos
  • Fitting machine heads
  • Repairing headstock breaks
  • Neck resets 
  • Rewiring and intalling electric components 
  • Crack and seam repair, regluing braces and other structural repairs to acoustic and classical guitars
  • Lacquer touchup

If you have an issue with your guitar that isn't listed above or you're not sure about, just give us a call and we will be happy to discuss it with you - it's likely we will be able to help.

We are a stockist of Bare Knuckle and Tonerider electric pickups and LR Baggs, Fishman and Headway acoustic pickups. We can supply items such as Bigsbys, CTS pots, Grover tuners etc. on request.

Glen has a particular interest in vintage Hofner guitars and regularly works on them and restores them - so if you have an old Senator that needs some love and attention, he's your man!

Orchestral Strings Repair

Our onsite violin repairer is Alice, who offers a comprehensive repair service for violins, violas, cellos, basses and bows. A non-comprehensive list of services we offer includes:

  • Set ups for new instruments, fitting and reprofiling the bridge and properly fitting the bridge
  • Restringing 
  • Bridge and peg fitting
  • Soundpost fitting and replacing
  • Shooting and replacing fingerboards 
  • Deep cleaning and varnish touchup
  • Crack repair
  • Peg box repair
  • Fitting of pickups 
  • Bow rehairs and relapping
  • Valuations 

We often conduct full restorations on older instruments and will be happy to evaluate any instrument you might wish to bring back into good playing condition.

We are equipped to offer bow rehairs onsite so it is often possible to rehair your bow on the same day you bring it in - if this is the case please give Alice a call to pre book so we can be sure we have a time slot for you.

Woodwind and Brass Repair

Again we have specialists in woodwind and brass on the staff who’ll be able to diagnose your sticking keys and repair them in our workshop. They can also take care of various minor repairs inhouse and for anything more serious, we have highly qualified expert technicians on call.

All other work

If you have something that doesn’t fit the above, do get in touch and we’ll do our best to give you a quote. Call us on 0161 834 3281 ext 606 to discuss your repair. We regret that we are unable to repair digital pianos and keyboards at this time, but can advise on where this can be done.