Since 1931's 'Frying Pan' lap steel, Rickenbacker have been producing simply the most sonically and visually individual electric guitars in the world. All Rickenbacker guitars include a deluxe hard case. We keep an excellent stock (see detail below) and a number of Rickenbackers on order, delivery times however, are between 18 months and 3 years! If you have any specific queries please email us. Photos will appear as they arrive. Rickenbacker guitars on order: 381V69 Mapleglo, Fireglo 4003 Mapleglo, fireglo, jetglo 360 Mapleglo, fireglo, jetglo 360/12 Fireglo, jetglo 330 Mapleglo, fireglo, jetglo 330/12 Fireglo 620 Jetglo 660 mapleglo

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