Schimmel Upright Pianos

Forsyth has the largest and most comprehensive selection of Schimmel instruments in the UK. Schimmel are one of the world’s most prestigious piano makers and their instruments have won the most awards of any German maker. Their pianos are the choice of the astute musician who is concerned with quality of sound and mechanical responsiveness. Made exclusively at the Schimmel factory in Braunschweig, Germany, their pianos are the result of painstaking and ongoing research into what makes a top quality piano.

Time and time again, customers have been startled by the depth and tonal flexibility offered by these instruments and we are frequently told that their actions make them a delight to play. A Schimmel upright is a superb musical instrument, manufactured in the heart of Germany by a family company with 130 years of piano building experience and a passion for making world-class pianos. 

Instrument sampling specialist Spitfire Audio recently posted their own interesting video tour of the Schimmel factory.  Made by the

Buying a Schimmel Piano at Forsyths

Despite what others may allow you to believe, Forsyths are the only authorised Schimmel dealers in the North West of England, including Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, Lancashire and Cumbria. In our experience, the Schimmel Classic and Konzert ranges of uprights are the most impressive of any manufacturer, and offer musical and technical qualities not available in equivalently priced grands.

Visit Our Historic Manchester City Centre Showroom, est. 1857 

We have the best selection of Schimmel pianos available in the UK, with all models on display in our showroom and multiple examples of many of them. We are always delighted to welcome customers who wish to visit us and sample the impressive capabilities of these instruments. Call our expert piano sales team on 0161 834 3281 ext. 604 for more information. A visit to the official Schimmel website is also recommended for further information about these superb instruments.

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