Schimmel Classic

Schimmel Classic Series Grand Pianos

The Classic range of Schimmel grand pianos was recently totally revised and now offers more outstanding quality than ever before.  Pianos in the Classic range are totally designed and built at the company's main factory in Braunschweig, Germany, and every single part is sourced from within Germany.  The actions are made by Renner to Schimmel's exacting design and specifications.

The latest Classic range of grands was launced in 2013, essentially made up from the three smaller models from the out-going Konzert range.  The K169T, K189T and K213T were returned to their original launch specifications, re-named C169T, C189T, and C213T and offered at a more affordable price point.  These remain superb instruments and represent outstanding value for money compared to other top quality European pianos.

We still have some remaining stock of the out-going Classic 182 model - one in a mahogany satin, the other in a unique swiss pear polyester finish - and details of these are listed below.  This design continues to be made under the new 'Schimmel International I182T' designation and has a quality and depth of sound which is unusual at its price.

Schimmel's constant striving to make better and better pianos means that the history of their ranges can be quite complicated to navigate, and we have noticed that some try to take advantage of that.  We are aware of all the models and changes made over the years, down to the smallest details, so if you are unsure about any Schimmel piano please do not hesitate to contact us for our advice.

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