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Schimmel is one of the world's most technically advanced and prestigious piano makers. All Schimmel Konzert, Classic and International range pianos are made at the company's main factory and headquarters in Braunschweig, Germany where a combination of precision automation and skilled hand-crafting ensures each piano meets the company's demanding standards.

Click on the ranges listed to the left to read in greater detail about what makes each one special, and also to view the models currently held in stock here at the shop in Manchester.

Schimmel's constant striving to make better and better pianos means that the history of their ranges can be quite complicated to navigate, and we have noticed that some try to take advantage of that.  We are aware of all the models and changes made over the years, down to the smallest details, so if you are unsure about any Schimmel piano please do not hesitate to contact us for our advice.

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