Silent Pianos

'Silent' Pianos 

also known as Anytime, twintone, adsilent etc, etc - depending on the brand.

Newer, enhanced silent systems with an ability play the digital sound of silent pianos (normally only heard through headphones) out loud with full volume control. Yamaha and Kawai are currently the only makers of these and are called Transacoustic and Aures respectively.

Yamaha TransAcoustic special offer May - July 2024

If you want an acoustic piano but don't want to disturb your neighbours, or just want the ability to practice in absolute privacy, then you need a silent piano system. Each manufacturer has a different name for these - Yamaha is 'Silent', Kawai 'Anytime, Schimmel 'TwinTone', Bechstein 'Vario' etc.

All of these instruments are principally an acoustic piano with added features.  If at anytime in the future the electronics cease to function they can be removed and the piano still fully function as a normal traditional acoustic piano.

Most of the new pianos we stock can be ordered with a silent system, though the exact system available depends on the make and model of piano you choose. The items below describe the different systems and the makes and models of piano on which they are available. PLEASE NOTE, the Yamaha and Kawai systems cannot be retrofitted to a piano however the Schimmel TwinTone system (introduced in 2020) can be retro fitted to many of their pianos by acccredited fitters such as Forsyths. These systems are specifically designed to work best with their own make of pianos. The adsilent generic systems, can be retro-fitted to most existing pianos, however the compromise on the instruments regulation and therefore control in normal 'acoustic mode' is often affected  more than in factory fitted systems.

For grand pianos wanting a retrofit system adsilent have an ingenious system that does not adversely affect the regulaiton of the piano in acoustic mode in anyway! - a game changer!

Please call in or phone to discuss these 'silent systems' further and we can help and advise the best solution.

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