Yamaha Handmade SU & SE-Series Pianos

Yamaha SU & SE Series - Hand-made Pianos

So you want a Yamaha piano, but you want something just a bit more special? Welcome to their SU & SE series, the upright pianos built by hand by the builders of their CFX Concert Grands. Combining Japanese precision and European materials, these pianos present the best of both worlds, including a more European sound.

We suggest you come and try them on our piano floor in the heart of Manchester, and compare them to their competition from Schimmel, Boesendorfer, Bechstein to se which suits you. Once you've browsed these pianos in our online music shop, please email us or call us on 0161 834 3281 ext. 604 to find out more.

More information about these pianos can also be found on the official Yamaha Pianos website here.

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