Schimmel Konzert

Schimmel Konzert Series Grand Pianos

Among Schimmel grand pianos, the superb Konzert range represents the pinnacle of the German maker's piano building expertise.  They are made by the company's most experienced piano builders and are the culmination of years of fanatical research, development and consultation.

Newly revised in 2013, the current range is now made up of 6 models - the K175T, K195T, K219T, K230T, K256T, and the K280T.  These latest models all share the same action, giving the player of the 5 foot 6 K175T the same degree of control as the player of a K280T, and making all of the models in the range particularly outstanding instruments on which to prepare for concert appearances, or indeed on which to give a concert performance.  They are extraordinary pianos, taking the already impressive capabilities of the previous range to an even higher level.  The possibilities for controlling a vast dynamic range are very much opened up by the superb action, which is built by world leaders Renner to Schimmel exacting specifications and using hammer felt wool specially sourced and supplied by Schimmel.  

We also still have some remaining stock of the out-going Konzert range, at prices much closer to the new Classic versions, but with Konzert-range refinements not passed down to the more affordable models.  Our current stock of these instruments is listed below, but do ask if you are seeking a particular size or model.  In this out-going range the piano models were K169T, K189T, K213T, K230T, K256T, and K280T.  The 3 smaller models all had an action in common (the action from the 7 foot K213T), and the K230T and K256T both have the same action as the K280T.

We have used Konzert series Schimmel grands on our hire fleet for many years, and they are in constant demand for use in professional performance situations.  Amongst those hiring these pianos from us are Lake District Summer Music, Manchester Camerata, the Halle Orchestra, Sallow Tree Concerts, the BBC, Hedben Bridge Piano Festival, Bradford Theatres (for their popular orchestral concerts at St. Georges Hall) and the Laundry Theatre.  The Halle even purchased one from us for their rehearsal space at St. Peters - a K213T, which is perfect for use in chamber music settings where quality and depth of sound is crucial.  Using these pianos on a hire fleet is a superb test of their resilience and reliability and we have found them to be exceptionally stable instruments with extremely hard wearing actions.

Schimmel's constant striving to make better and better pianos means that the history of their ranges can be quite complicated to navigate, and we have noticed that some try to take advantage of that by listing pianos they haven't got (and can't get) and placing photographs of different models next to the description.  We are aware of all the models and changes made over the years, down to the smallest details, so if you are unsure about any Schimmel piano please do not hesitate to contact us for our advice.

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