VOX, the iconic British maker has selected Forsyth to be one if its main dealers and we cover their current range from battery powered digital modellers through to excellent vintage reissues of the classics. Fender, Roland, Kustom and Line 6 for stage, studio and front room are also available.

For acoustic amplification we have chosen the German AER range of professional acoustic amplifiers and monitor systems, as well as the new series of amplifiers by Headway pickups.

We have plenty of experience using these amps for violins, mandolins, ukes and banjos, so if your needs are a little unusual - well, you have a home here.

Keyboardist will be satisfied with the excellent Roland KC range.

We are currently building our new web site and more items will be listed every day. In the mean time, contact the shop instrument department or Ask A Question via the 'View Product' tab below for information on what we have in stock.

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