Harmonicas, Whistles and other Folk Wind Instruments

A range of Folk Wind Instruments and Whistles available at Forsyth Music Shop in Manchester.

Harmonicas (diatonic and chromatic), melodicas, tin whistles, ocarinas, kazoos...this is where you will find all of our folk instruments that require a bit of puff! Stagg, Hohner, Shaw, Tamlinn products are stocked here.

Our whistles are by Dave SHAW, a tapered design handmade in solid nickel silver sheet with a carved hardwood block. They are sweet toned and individually voiced to give maximum performance. We hold a wide range of keys in store.

If you need advice or can't find what you are looking for call our Instrument Department on 0161 834 3281 ext 222 or Ask a question using the button in any of the products.

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