Yamaha Grand Pianos

The Yamaha name has become synonymous with pianos thanks to endorsement by high profile musicians across a range of musical styles, including Jools Holland, Murray Perahia, Elton John, Sviatoslav Richter, and Jamie Cullum. Yamaha pianos have a distinctive and recognisable sound, leaning towards the brighter end of the spectrum, and combine this with consistently well set-up and responsive actions, making them particularly popular with jazz and popular music artists. The Yamaha grand piano range starts with the 4 foot 11 GB1, made by Yamaha in Indonesia, with all other grands from the GC, CX, S, and CFX ranges being made in the company's home country of Japan.

Claims of older Yamahas being better than new ones should be taken with a big pinch of salt.  The factory in Indonesia, where the more affordable Yamahas are made, is more advanced than the Japanese factory was in the 70s and 80s, and the modern factory in Japan is one of the most carefully developed in the world.  Yamaha's piano building and material selection has also improved substantially.  They are a progressive company in every sense.

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