Piano Long Term Rental

We offer long term rental on a wide selection of acoustic upright and grand pianos as well as digital pianos. These schemes are well suited to students who would like to have a piano during term time only or customers who need a piano for several months but would prefer not to buy outright. We also offer long-term rental of pianos for commercial situations such as hotels, bars and restaurants.

We also offer a 'Rent-to-Buy' scheme on a selection of pre-owned and new pianos up to around £5,000 retail. In this scheme you are able to purchase the piano at any point and deduct rental fees paid (up to 6 months) from the purchase price of the piano or indeed an alternative piano.

Rental fees are based on a minimum term of 6 months. If you require a piano for a shorter amount of time we can work out a bespoke solution for you. Alternatively, we have our short-term piano hire fleet available - further details can be found here

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