Schimmel Konzert

Schimmel Konzert Series Upright Pianos

The Konzert range upright pianos by Schimmel are made completely at the main factory in Braunschweig, Germany by the same experienced piano builders as the company's Konzert series grands.  These piano represent the closest you can get to the sound and feel of a grand piano in an upright casing and time and time again customers are astonished at how wonderful the Konzert uprights are.

The range consists of 3 models - the K122E (our best-selling piano), K125T, and K132T.  All three benefit from a totally different scale-design to the Classic range and maximum attention has been paid to using the highest grade materials possible.  These are instruments which display superb consistency of tone and response across the keyboard.  They allow you to hear right into the inner details of your playing so that you can refine your interpretations and technical accomplishment to the highest level.  That isn't to say that these instruments are only for advanced players: we have had many customers who have found that owning and playing a Konzert range upright has inspired them to play, practise and improve more!

Schimmel's constant striving to make better and better pianos means that the history of their ranges can be quite complicated to navigate, and we have noticed that some try to take advantage of that.  We are aware of all the models and changes made over the years, down to the smallest details, so if you are unsure about any Schimmel piano please do not hesitate to contact us for our advice.

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