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Wilhelm Schimmel Upright Pianos at Forsyth Music Shop, Manchester

The most affordable Schimmel designed and built pianos. They come with full official BVK European origin Certification.  The Wilhelm-Schimmel instruments, taking their name from the company's founder, are designed at the main Schimmel factory in Braunschweig and share much with their Schimmel International siblings. Manufactured in their Schimmel-owned and -operated factory in Kalisz, Poland.  This is significantly different to how Steinway contract production of their more affordable Essex and Boston ranges to Pearl River (China) and Kawai (Japan) respectively.  Schimmel maintains complete control of the production for every piano it sells. These pianos offer superb value for money and provide more players than ever before with the opportunity to enjoy the un-paralleled tonal qualities of Schimmel upright pianos.

The Wilhelm Schimmel range is made up of 3 upright piano models - the W114T, the W118T, and the W123T.  The 114 is also available in a compact Modern Swing casework (the W114MS) and also in a more square, modern casework (the W114M).  The W118T is a particularly enticing proposition for the money and we already have happy customers enjoying them in their homes.

These pianos are based on the same frame and acoustic design as the International range but are priced more affordably still due to simpler casework design and the fact that they are made in Poland rather than in Germany.  The range offers a choice of European designed and made pianos with a rich and flexible sound at the same money as mid-range far Eastern pianos and should be considered by anyone looking for an upgrade from an entry-level instrument.

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