Self Playing Pianos

Self Playing and Automated Pianos at Forsyth Music Shop, Manchester

Self playing pianos have come a long way since the days of punched paper rolls. The digital age has seen automated acoustic pianos maturing into sophisticated performers able to play a new generation of streamed and downloadable content. Modern automated uprights and grands are fully remote control, often using an app on an iPod Touch, iPad, or similar device, and the mechanical technology has improved to the point where the best examples play more fluently than ever.

Our Stock and Service

At Forsyths we stock Yamaha's Disklavier range as well as pianos fitted with the QRS system, and we are also able to provide advice and fitting services with regards to automating most existing pianos. If you fall in love with a piano in our stock which isn't automated we can always convert it for you for a reasonable additional cost. Call our piano experts on 0161 956 2052 ext. 604 for advice.

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