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Our extensive range of stringed instruments now have their own climate controlled show room in our historic Manchester city centre store, est. 1857. Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses and everything else that falls within the string family can be tried in there. We also stock a wide range of electric stringed instruments. The department is managed by string enthusiasts who take great pleasure in sourcing the best instruments and helping customers to select the instrument that suits their playing style, budget and ability, from complete beginners to professionals.

We frequently find beautiful antiques and way out modern pieces and we love to try them out and form our own opinions on them. If you are a strings enthusiast, why not pop in regularly to see what we have found? We are always happy to talk instruments with like-minded people.


Bows and strings, cases and rests, rosin and stands, you'll find a full range of accessories for your instrument here at Forsyth.

Set-up and Repair

The strings repair department can also discuss all aspects of repairing or upgrading your instrument, including righting soundposts and full restoration. Call us on 0161 956 2052 ext 606 for advice.

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