Forsyth is one of Manchester's leading dealers in Keyboards, stocking a variety of instuments for all ages, abilities and musical styles.

If you are looking for something portable but are not in need of weighted keys, check out our Yamaha PSS-A50 or the Casio CT-S200. These keyboards are small - 61 keys or less - making them perfect if you need something to just practise your choir part at home or try out your compositions. They are equally affordable so a great investment spark an interest in a young musician. They are also designed to be very portable and work off battery power as well, making them great for use in hotels. 

Alternatively, are you looking for something to support your own personal sound design? If so our range of Korg synthesisers could be perfect for you. From the Korg Volca mini synthesisers, spanning samplers, beat machines, keys, bass and more - to the monophonic (Monologue) and polyphonic (Minilogue) analogue synths, there are plenty of options. Perfect for home recording and live performance, Korg synths have been the staple of electronic musicians since the 60s, nowadays making affordable excellent instruments to hone your sonic strengths. 

Looking for something with weighted keys? Have a look at our stage piano range.

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