Hornbostel - Irish Dulcimer
  • Hornbostel - Irish Dulcimer

Hornbostel - Irish Dulcimer

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ISBN9780871668219 (0871668211)

This classic collection provides fretted dulcimer players with an authentic Irish repertoire. The 31 selections include jigs, slides, hornpipes, polkas, reels, slow airs, harp tunes, and songs. Accompaniment chords and musical notation are provided for other instruments. The modal music of Ireland fits well to the modal techniques and nuances of the dulcimer. Lois gives the dulcimer player an important introduction to the techniques of applying Irish music to the dulcimer. Consider this the beginning of a new approach to an old music, and a point of departure for your own interpretations of tunes you love.


  1. Playing Techniques
  2. Your Dulcimer
  3. Airs
  4. The Humours of Whiskey
  5. Londonderry Air
  6. Ned of the HIll
  7. Summertime Summertime
  8. Celtic Melodies
  9. Give Me Your Hand
  10. O'Carolan Compositions
  11. Planxty Irwin
  12. Planxty Fanny Power
  13. O'Carolan's Receipt for Drinking
  14. Planxty Morgan Magan
  15. Songs
  16. As I Roved Out
  17. The Cruiscin Lan
  18. The Castle of Dromore
  19. Love, Will You Marry Me
  20. Fiddle Tunes
  21. The Foggy Dew
  22. The Parting Glass
  23. Mick McGuire
  24. Jigs and Slides
  25. Haste to the Wedding
  26. Kesh Jig
  27. The Road to Lisdoonvarna
  28. Strop the Razor
  29. The Blarney Pilgrim
  30. Behind the Haystack
  31. Denis Murphy's Slide
  32. Merrily Kiss the Quaker
  33. Hornpipes
  34. The Rights of Man
  35. The Harvest Home
  36. Polkas
  37. Port Lairge
  38. Spanish Lady
  39. Reels
  40. Miss McLeod's Reel
  41. The Merry Blacksmith