McKenzie, Jock - Rhythms of Life (TC)
  • McKenzie, Jock - Rhythms of Life (TC)

McKenzie, Jock - Rhythms of Life (TC)

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Explore music of different cultures and dance styles through a series of progressive concert studies. Each study is not intended as a replica of a particular style, but rather a specialist technical work-out that retains the character and stylistic features of each particular idiom. Brass instruments whilst popular around the globe, are not 'indigenous' to many of the dances in this collection, so treat yourself to an exploration of world music styles.


  • Soca (Trinidad)
  • Habanera (Cuba)
  • Hornpipe (Celtic)
  • Bhangra (India)
  • Huayno (Andean)
  • Czardas (Hungary)
  • Jig (Ireland)
  • Mazurka (Poland)
  • Salsa (Dominican Republic)
  • Jota (Spain)
  • Reggae (Jamaica)
  • Dixieland (USA)
  • Township (South Africa)
  • Klezmer (Jewish)
  • Malaguena (Spain)
  • Samba (Brazil)
  • Syrto (Greece)
  • Krivo Horo (Bulgaria)
  • Mevlevi-ayin (Turkey)
  • Kodo (Japan)
  • Rock (Universal)
  • Bossa Nova (Brazil)