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  • £ 40,900.00 £ 42,457.00

    Upright piano by Bösendorfer, model 130, in black polyester. Bösendorfer have transferred its craftsmanship and sound philosophy from grand pianos into this premium upright piano. A popular choice with discerning pianists, the 130's action is set up by hand with great precision to ensure the best possible playability and responsiveness of touch. Currently...

    £ 40,900.00 £ 42,457.00
  • £ 18,899.00 £ 23,864.00

    SOLD - Available to order CX Series grand piano by Yamaha model C2X in black polyester 5'8"/173cm long.  The CX range marks a significant step forward for Yamaha's professional C series grands (came out in 2012), offering a higher level of tonal flexibility than previous models but retaining the superb mechanical precision which has long been a Yamaha...

    £ 18,899.00 £ 23,864.00
  • £ 8,495.00 £ 10,679.00

    In stock  GB Series grand piano by Yamaha model GB1K in black polyester. The GB1K is Yamaha's entry-level grand piano with good, precise action and a bright, contemporary sound. In stock to try alongside a wide range of other grand pianos To check for the latest price, please call on 0161 834 3281 Extension 604

    £ 8,495.00 £ 10,679.00
  • £ 5,999.00 £ 7,448.00

    In Stock [22/07/21] B Series upright piano by Yamaha model B3 in black polyester, featuring the SC2 silent system. The B3 is the largest model in Yamaha’s entry-level range but shares its frame with the ubiquitous U1. The longer strings and larger soundboard of the B3 produce a greater depth and flexibility than the smaller B-series pianos.

    £ 5,999.00 £ 7,448.00
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  • £ 4,299.00

    Limited Edition with poster and certificate. Torrified Adirondack spruce top. Honduras Mahogany back and sides. V neck profile. Ebony fretboard. Pre war scalloped bracing. Comes with hard case.

    £ 4,299.00
  • £ 2,499.00 £ 3,492.00 -28.44%

    Maple body and neck Rosewood fingerboard Classic Rickenbacker sound Comes with Rickenbacker hard case

    £ 2,499.00 £ 3,492.00 -28.4364%
  • £ 1,999.00 £ 2,647.00

    Made in the USA with solid sapele back and sides and a solid sitka spruce top. With forward shifted scalloped bracing. Designed with travel in mind - no materials to cause CITES issues and supplied with deluxe Martin gig bag.

    £ 1,999.00 £ 2,647.00
  • £ 2,095.00 £ 2,520.00

    An uprated luxury version of the Standard model, with "cats eye" sound holes and gold hardware. With a Hofner Lyre tailpiece and NOwaxx humbucking pickups handmade in Bavaria - this guitar also comes with a hardcase.

    £ 2,095.00 £ 2,520.00
  • £ 2,500.00

    Handmade in Bavaria. Environmentally sound model with almost no plastic parts. Maple and walnut construction. COmes with Winter hard case.

    £ 2,500.00
  • £ 2,416.00

    Inspired by the original 1961 Hofner bass bought by Paul McCartney Spruce top Maple back and sides Rosewood fingerboard Made in Germany

    £ 2,416.00
  • £ 1,995.00 £ 2,299.00

    Designed by St Vincent and Musicman, this made in the USA guitar  has a roasted maple neck and ebony fingerboard.  Features a lightweight African mahogany body, two Dimarzio humbucking pickups and comes with Musicman flightcase.

    £ 1,995.00 £ 2,299.00
  • £ 1,599.00

    AAA solid spruce top Solid Maple back and sides Ebony fingerboard Bone nut 43mm nut width

    £ 1,599.00
  • £ 1,135.00 £ 1,499.00

    All solid wood acoustic bass with AAA grade cedar top and Indian rosewood back and sides. Features a set mahogany neck and bound ebony fretboard.

    £ 1,135.00 £ 1,499.00
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  • £ 509.00 £ 649.00

    The Sahara is a wide-body reproduction of the single-pickup electric guitar that was manufactured in Chicago during the early 1960s.

    £ 509.00 £ 649.00
  • £ 459.00 £ 559.00

    Concert size electro-acoustic Solid spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides Indian rosewood fingerboard 610mm scale length and 43mm nut width Shadow Nanoflex II pickup and Performer Tuner preamp

    £ 459.00 £ 559.00
  • £ 9,450.00 £ 11,272.00

    Back in stock! U series upright piano by Yamaha model U3 finished in black polyester. Yamaha has been making the U3 for over 50 years, but they haven't stood still in that time, and the current model U3S is vastly superior to the older, re-conditioned models with the addition of a Sostenuto pedal. To check for the latest price, please call on 0161 834...

    £ 9,450.00 £ 11,272.00
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  • £ 7,695.00 £ 9,491.00

    To order U series upright piano by Yamaha model U1 in black polyester. The modern U1 is the culmination of years of development and a very different (and superior) proposition to lightly re-conditioned 60s, 70s & 80s examples. To check for the latest price, please call on 0161 834 3281 Extension 604

    £ 7,695.00 £ 9,491.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 31,999.00 £ 33,236.00

    The 120 CL is designed and built with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as every other Bösendorfer piano, but bringing ownership within reach of more pianists than ever before. The sound is unmistakably Bösendorfer and the action is beautifully precise and responsive. Our 120 CL comes with the optional sound release system, ensuring even more...

    £ 31,999.00 £ 33,236.00
  • £ 18,899.00 £ 20,999.00

    GX series grand piano by Kawai, model GX2, finished in Black Polyester.  This brand new model is the replacement for the RX2, and is already proving popular with our customers.  The GX2 brings a much-improved, longer action over its predecessor enabling more precise control over the instrument's tonal palette.   It still has the depth and tonal...

    £ 18,899.00 £ 20,999.00
  • £ 17,599.00 £ 19,555.00

    Brand new model based on the old RX3C with upgraded action which gives the pianist increased control. In order to endow the instrument with a greater dynamic range for the new longer action assembly to exploit the piano has also been upgraded with a tapered soundboard. This is fabulous value for a 6ft, Japanesse made piano and offers a great alternative...

    £ 17,599.00 £ 19,555.00
  • £ 12,899.00 £ 14,333.00

    Measuring just 166cm in length, this beautiful grand from Kawai is the perfect size to fit any larger room or space.  Kawai is one of the most respected piano makers in the world and is known for superb build quality -the brand new GL30 is no exception. The ultra responsive touch and playability of a full size grand piano in a beautifully compact frame is...

    £ 12,899.00 £ 14,333.00
  • £ 2,195.00 £ 3,062.00 -28.31%

    The signature model for Budge Magraw of The Cesarians. A deep 5” ( body with an arched spruce top and maple back and sides in hi-gloss black. This is one of a small batch of ex-Frankfurt guitar show Hofners that we're selling as new with full warranty but have small marks on them hence the special prices - we've tried to show any marks as best...

    £ 2,195.00 £ 3,062.00 -28.3148%
  • £ 12,300.00 £ 13,275.00

    Classic Series upright piano by Schimmel model C120 Elegance Manhattan in black polyester. This instrument is identical internally to the C120T models, therefore offering an increase in tonal depth and dynamic capability over the 116, and is presented in an adapted traditional casing but with straighter edges.

    £ 12,300.00 £ 13,275.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 3,190.00 £ 3,742.00

    Sold - Available to order Upright piano by Yamaha model B1 finished in open-pore dark walnut satin. If you are looking for a good, modern piano for a beginner or casual player, and want something a bit different looking this dark walnut satin Yamaha might be the piano for you.  We've found these to be popular over the years. To check for the latest price,...

    £ 3,190.00 £ 3,742.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 54,999.00 £ 82,216.00

    Now sold This superior quality Yamaha CF4 truly is a rival for instruments by the likes of Steinway, Bösendorfer, Fazioli, Shigeru-Kawai, Schimmel Konzert and C Bechstein.   Hand crafted in a separate facility than general Yamaha grand piano production this instrument is made by the same people and in the same department as the Yamaha Concert grands.

    £ 54,999.00 £ 82,216.00
  • £ 26,500.00 £ 33,417.00

    In stock CX series grand piano by Yamaha model C3X finished in white polyester. This is the new a much improved successor to the long-running and highly regarded C3 conservatoire grand. To check for the latest price, please call on 0161 834 3281 Extension 604

    £ 26,500.00 £ 33,417.00
  • £ 34,377.00 £ 40,444.00

    The SK-3 excels with an extraordinary blend of superb tone and touch that has been admired by professional pianists across the globe. Please enquire for current pricing.

    £ 34,377.00 £ 40,444.00
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