Ng, Lina - My Third Theory Book
  • Ng, Lina - My Third Theory Book

Ng, Lina - My Third Theory Book

Catalogue No: MPM300203

My Third Theory Book by Lina Ng is the third workbook in a series of three, designed to offer a smooth transition to Grade 1 Theory. There are plenty of exercises and games to encourage a wider understanding of music, even at the very early stages of learning.

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Included within this third book are exercises in basic revision of material learnt in the two previous books, black notes, semitones, tones, dotted notes, key signatures, scales, position of stems, basic transposition, double note values, half note values, tonic triads, tests and games. My First Theory Book and My Second Theory Book are also available as is a series of five books in the Theory Made Easy series.

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