Bauer, John - Progressive Scale Studies For Violin
  • Bauer, John - Progressive Scale Studies For Violin

Bauer, John - Progressive Scale Studies For Violin

Catalogue No: MLB96744
ComposerJohn Bauer
Product FormatSheet Music
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ISBN9780786629718 (0786629711)

This scale system coordinates basic concepts from the Scale System by Carl Flesch. In some aspects it goes beyond the scope of the Flesch system. One-octave scales are introduced in patterns with emphasis on half steps and finger retention. Also covers two- and three-octave scales, double-stops, and harmonics.


  1. Symbols
  2. Introduction
  3. Introducing One Octave Scales
  4. One Octave Scales
  5. Chromatic Scale
  6. Two Octave Scales
  7. Chromatic Scales
  8. Broken Thirds
  9. Three Octave Scales (Trad. Fingering)
  10. Scale Practice Routine
  11. Three Octave Scales (Modern Fingering)
  12. Double Stops
  13. Introducing Thirds
  14. Scales in Thirds
  15. Scales in Sixths
  16. Scales in Octaves
  17. Scales in Fingered Octaves
  18. Scales in Tenths
  19. Scales in Fourths
  20. Scales in Fifths
  21. Scales in Sevenths
  22. Scales in Unisons
  23. Scales in Artificial Harmonics
  24. Natural Harmonics
  25. Scales in Four Octaves