The Modern Piano
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The Modern Piano

Catalogue No: 00-26042
The Influence of Society, Style and Musical Trends on the Great Piano Composers

Product FormatSheet Music/CD
EditorNancy Bachus
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Publication Date2006
ISBN9780739042984 (0739042981)

The turn of the 20th century ushered in a new era in which several styles of art music existed simultaneously. As the printing press brought literature to the world, the piano helped bring music out of the exclusive domain of the aristocracy and disseminated all types of music to the general public. This edition presents piano solos representing Impressionism, Pointillism, Neo-Classicism, Expressionism and other post-romantic movements. Literature originating in Russia, England, France, Finland, Hungary, and North and South America is found in this collection. This library-quality edition is a complete version of Beyond the Romantic Spirit Books 1 and 2 by Nancy Bachus, conveniently packaged with CDs in one book . Early Intermediate to Early Advanced.