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Piccolo Paganini, Volume One



Thirty Original Recital Pieces in First Position for Violin & Piano.

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Piccolo Paganini contains 30 original pieces for violin and piano, including many rarely-heard works. Requiring only first position, this album offers early-stage students the opportunity to master a selection of musically sophisticated pieces.
• 30 original compositions for violin and piano
• All pieces playable in first position
• Effective and musically-rewarding pieces
• For teaching, performance and competitions
• Accompanying CD included (violin and piano) with performance and backing tracks.


  1. Hungarian Dance in D minor (Szervánsky)
  2. Andante (from: Three Easy Sonatinas op 10) (Hauptmann)
  3. Romanze (No. 3 from Eight Easy Pieces in the 1st) (Baklanowa)
  4. Mazurka (No. 4 from Eight Easy Pieces in the 1st) (Baklanowa)
  5. Andante (From: Six very easy melodious exercises Op. 22) (Elgar)
  6. Andantino (From: Six very easy melodious exercises Op. 22) (Elgar)
  7. Poor old battered broomstick (From: Wizard's Potion) (Attwood/Lumsden)
  8. Song and Dance (Sugár)
  9. Kavatine (No. 9 from: 12 Easy Pieces, Op.45) (Rowley)
  10. Scherzo (No.10 from 12 Easy Pieces, Op.45) (Rowley)
  11. Mosquito Dance (Holzer-Rhomberg)
  12. Gavotta (from: 12 Sonatas for Violin and B.C. Op. 5) (Corelli)
  13. The Gypsy Child (Pracht)
  14. Aria 6 (from: The Small Chamber Music) (Telemann)
  15. Ballade in A Minor (Dancla)
  16. Premier Tambourine (from: Sonata in G Major) (Aubert)
  17. Turkish Dance (Üsküdara gideriken) (Trad.)
  18. Mazurka in A minor (Dancla)
  19. Boys Dance (Szelényi)
  20. Hungarian Dance C major (Járdány)
  21. Aria 1 (from: The Small Chamber Music) (Telemann)
  22. Introduction and Rondo in D major (Dancla)
  23. Romance in G Major (Rieding)
  24. Prelude in G Major (from: Sonata in G major , Op2 No.(Vivaldi)
  25. Fantasia in G major (Anon.)
  26. Scherzino (Bacewicz)
  27. Piccolo Paganini - Theme and Variations 2 (Paganini)
  28. Presto in D major (from: Small colorful series op 23) (Erhardt)
  29. Aria G Minor (from: Sonata Op.5 No.9) (Senaillé)
  30. Rigaudon E Major (Version for violin and piano) (Burmester/Rameau)

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