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A Flying Start for Strings Viola Duets by Jennifer Thorp



The A Flying Start for Strings series presents a carefully graded sequence of music for teaching the beginning string player. The books are suitable for teaching individuals or groups of the same instrument. Many tunes in the series for violin, viola and cello are in the same key and can be played together.

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Teachers can use this versatile series in a way that suits their own teaching style. There is ample room in all books for the teacher wishing to add more dynamics, slurs, bowing signs, tempos, instructions or explanations. The large easy-to-read notes and clear and simple layout help students concentrate on the notes they are learning. Lively folk and traditional tunes make learning fun and lead to confident playing.

With only one tune on most pages, the young student gains a sense of achievement from turning the pages quickly and moving on.


The supplementary books Duets with an Open String Part are available for violin, viola and cello. The duet books provide additional folk and traditional tunes with simple open string parts. The tunes may be sung or played by the teacher, a family member or a more advanced student on strings, piano or other instrument. The duet book can be used alongside Book One of the series to develop confident rhythm and bowing skills. Beginners make satisfying music right from the start – experiencing the fun of ensemble playing and learning the skill of keeping time. A lively duet is a great way to warm up, or to wrap up a lesson that will have many students saying, “Can we play that again?!” Most tunes from the Duets with an Open String Part books are in the same key for violin, viola and cello and can be used together in a group of mixed strings.

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