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Sparke, Philip - Skilful Solos for Trombone

AMP 193-400


Twenty Progressive Pieces

For Trombone (treble and bass clefs) with Piano Accompaniment and CD providing backing tracks.

ABRSM Trombone syllabus 2017-2020 for Grades 1, 3 & 4.

ABRSM Trombone syllabus 2010-2016 for Grades 1, 3, 4 & 6.

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Philip Sparke’s Skilful Solos is the second volume of a progressive series of solo books that takes the young wind player from beginner to accomplished musician. Following on from the first book in the series Starter Solos this collection generally contains longer pieces suitable for the developing young musician. Specifically tailored for each instrument, Skilful Solos introduces the concept of phrasing by suggesting suitable breathing points and takes the player into new keys with extended instrumental ranges, new notes being introduced in a gradual and logical manner.

Skilful Solos comes with a play-along CD. The advantages of playing either with piano or CD accompaniment are that the beginning player can now experience the important aspects of ensemble playing from their earliest lessons, thus developing the essential skills of listening while they play and maintaining strict tempo, which is not always achieved when playing alone.


1. Nice to See You Again

2. Pony and Trap

3. Summer Siesta

4. Spring (Vivaldi)

5. A Victorian Ballad

6. Trumpet Tune

7. Promenade

8. Greensleeves (Traditional)

9. Could You Repeat That?

10. Alladale Aria

11. Scales of Justice

12. Largo from Winter (Vivaldi)

13. Waltz with Variations

14. At the Circus

15. Adagio (Mozart)

16. Marche Militaire (Schubert)

17. Thinking of You

18. Fives and Threes

19. Daydream

20. Rhode Island Rag

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