QRS PNOmation III Self Playing System
  • QRS PNOmation III Self Playing System

QRS PNOmation III Self Playing System

Catalogue No: QRSPNOIII

The award-winning QRSPNOmationIII self-playing system is a complete entertainment system that is available for retrofit to most grand pianos.

It is easy to use and has a massive library of over 12,000 songs, containing many original artists as well as piano solos and accompanied tracks to choose from.  

You can view their full library here: http://www.qrsmusic.com/pno/sim/qrs/index.html?0.464

An example of the QRSPNOmation III system that we retrofit onto this Ritmüller R8 grand piano

This system can be retrofit to virtually any grand piano and can even be installed as an upgrade on an existing self-playing system! Please contact us for further information on this service. 

Main features:

  • All QRS tracks are stored locally on the piano's own Solid State Storage.  The piano can be controlled iPads, phone etc.... actually any network-enabled device with access to a web browser.  It is very user friendly and supports any operating system. It can easily be controlled from your mobile phone, Amazon Echo/Dot, tablet, computer and most Apple products including the Apple watch!
  • It has a library of over 12,000 different tracks which includes many original artist tracks such as Frank Sinatra, Adele,  Michael Bublé, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald or even Robbie Williams with the piano playing along with the original recording as well as a wide selection of other music.

  • A high quality speaker is installed on the underside of the piano for the recordings with accompanying music. You can also also mute this backing track and have the piano playing solo if you wish!  There are also many dedicated piano solo recordings.
  • You have full access to this library completely unlocked for free for the first 12 months) which is a recent upgrade from the 3 months access that it was previously) After this time it will reduce back to the 1,700 complimentary tracks. To access the remainder you can either subscribe to the complete library or unlock individual tracks or albums. Please contact us for the latest prices. 

  • There is an opportunity to create playlists, which is perfect for dinner parties. With commercial use in mind, these playlists can also be timed to come on at different points throughout the day, meaning staff do not even have to touch the instrument. 
  • Wi-Fi Direct - the piano can operate and be controlled without an internet connection however for downloads of new music and system updates it is beneficial.

  • Access multiple players on a network, auto updates, auto PNOcloud and PNOmation Cloud backups, ease of access, smart home integration, Amazon Echo, Apple watch and access to exclusive content. Works simultaneously with the Wi-Fi Direct mode.

  • Bluetooth MIDI - gives you instant access to 3rd party apps without wires. From Piano Marvel to Garage Band.

  • Bluetooth Audio In - stream content to the system with QRS's secure AMI signal, allowing you to play streaming video performances while you watch them on any of your devices or big screen

  • Bluetooth Audio Out - Bluetooth speakers that are up high, the PNOmation system has delay settings for syncing again.

  • 3G Option - this future feature gives you essential and unique network capabilities without a Wi-Fi network!

What QRS have to say:

The PNOmation Player System

All of QRS's PNOmation Player Piano Systems are designed to complement the life of your piano. Since you will more than likely own the piano for a long time or want to sell it at a reasonable value you'll want to know that the player inside compliments its life. There are three things to look at in that respect - the components - are they built to tolerances and with materials that can handle the various climates and conditions while being played over a long period of time, the manufacturer's history of offering an upgrade path to the latest technology without an expensive replacement, the manufactures history in the business and the music library. QRS's PNOmation is the only system that since its introduction has been offering a migration path to the latest technology. Its use of the finest components allows the customer the confidence to move forward with an upgrade with knowledge that the rest of the system remains solid. QRS's use of longer fully encased solenoids with Teflon impregnated solenoid plungers delivers much more accurate control over the range of motion. They also resist corrosion and are self-lubricating. A lost motion cap on the bottom insures proper throw, that without can never guarantee you are delivering the dynamic called for. Next is dynamics - a longer plunger and solenoid delivers more accurately the dynamic called out for in the music. This dynamic can be of the new standard HD MIDI or the old MIDI. QRS supports both.