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Schimmel Konzert K230T Grand Piano



Konzert Series grand piano by Schimmel model K230T in black polyester.

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"Players enthuse about the Schimmel K230's palette of tonal colour, the excellent power reserves, the faultless action, the consistent and smooth playability - but most highlighted is the inspiration that the instrument provokes" Pianist Magazine, April 2012.


Length - 230 cm (7'6''ft)

Width - 154 cm

Height - 102 cm

Weight - 450 kg


Schimmel K230

万物皆是数字”  –  古希腊数学家毕达哥拉斯(Pythagoras)

早在古希腊时代, 毕达哥拉斯已经在弦乐器上发现了音符和数字、时间的数理关系。这一原理至今仍然被运用到 Schimmel 钢琴内部结构的设计。依据力学和声乐标准为特定的比率研发出稳定而富有共鸣的音板。

德国 Schimmel 钢琴采用现代高科技来实现钢琴结构的精准计算, 仅在共鸣系统就运用了1000台数控程序来控制加工精度, 确保三角钢琴和立式钢琴的品质达到完美。

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