Rebuild in progress - Steinway Model A Grand Piano in Rosewood Polish



Another example of German-made, Steinway model A finished in Rosewood French polish with elephant legs.

This is a German Steinway, made in Hamburg in 1898.

If this is anything like the last one, we can't wait to see it!! 

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This piano is currently undergoing a full rebuild process and is not currently available for viewing. Please keep an eye on this space for more updates!

Please see this example of our last rebuilt Steinway Model A

Features that wowed and impressed us:

  • The casework overall is stunning. It retains the original ornate fretwork music desk in the foliage style with the subtle addition of Griffin heads hidden in the centre
  • It also has the original rounded, fluted, 'elephant style' legs and we will be replacing the castors for hidden castors
  • The ivory-topped keys, at over 100 years old, are in fairly good condition.

This piano will be undergoing an extensive rebuild to include:

  • A new wrest plank - the old one will be replaced (along with the wrest pins) to ensure reliable tuning stability for many decades to come
  • The original soundboard will be restored and re-crowned (through drying out to very low relative humidity and repeated shimming with spruce), cleaning and bleaching, varnishing and appropriate Steinway & Sons decals reapplied
  • The bridges will be replaced with new bridges made to the pattern of the original
  • The frame will be stripped and regilded with Steinway specification gilt paint and lettering/motifs hand-painted
  • The action will be a completely brand new Steinway & Sons key action
  • The piano will be fully re-strung
  • The casework will be restored and hand French polished at Forsyth with a stool to match
  • The keyboard will also be deep cleaned and rebushed (balance and front bushings) and the original set of ivory keytops retained.

Dating from 1898, it is the earlier Steinway Model A design having an 85 note compass (i.e. 3 less notes in the treble compared to modern 'standard' keyboards).

We are also currently looking into options to possibly have a sostenuto pedal added and an adjustable proper stand. 


Length - 188 cm

Height - 96 cm

Width - 140 cm


Unsure if this grand piano will fit?  Ask us to make a paper template so that you can try in your own home!

Delivery charges may apply depending on degree of difficulty and location. However, ground floor delivery is typically included provided access is straightforward - enquire now for details.

This piano is available to try in our showroom with many other pre-owned and new instruments to compare. 

We usually have in stock over 40 new grand pianos, over 70 new upright pianos and an ever-changing supply of around 40 pre-owned acoustic pianos;

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