Yamaha C3X Grand Piano in Black Polyester
  • Yamaha C3X Grand Piano in Black Polyester
  • Yamaha C3X Grand Piano in Black Polyester
  • Yamaha C3X Grand Piano in Black Polyester

Yamaha C3X Grand Piano in Black Polyester

Catalogue No: GYAM-C3X-BP


CX series grand piano by Yamaha model C3X finished in black polyester.

This is the new a much-improved successor to the long-running and highly regarded C3 conservatoire grand.

-£2,847.00 £36,347.00

Other options? 

Available in white polyester, satin black, satin American walnut, polish American walnut and mahogany polyester. Also available with Yamaha's own Disklavier Enspire self-playing automation system, please ask a member of staff for more details.

Why Yamaha?

The Yamaha C3X grand piano is an ever-popular model amongst piano teachers and amateur pianists alike. The C3X model is a redesigned version of the C3, which was released in 2012. It has a much richer and warmer sound than it's predecessor. 
They redesigned the C3X to be more in line with there CF Range. One of these improvements made was to have a thickened back frame, giving the piano much more support and therefore allowing for better tuning stability and a more powerful sound. The soundboard, bridges and ribs were redesigned closely to the CFX range of pianos to allow for better projection and to maximise the resonance. The hammers used were also designed around CFX hammers, giving them their typical Yamaha brighter sound. 
They also now use a sold pedal box which gives performers a more robust pedal for when they get carried away in performances!
This instrument comes with a 5 year Yamaha warranty.


Conservatory Collection Grand Pianos have long been the heart of the Yamaha grand piano line, offering superb sound, broad dynamic range and fine expressive control. Their classic styling and careful craftsmanship make them an elegant accent to any decor.

  • Advanced scale design
  • Solid spruce soundboard and ribs
  • Complete tone collector system
  • Dovetail joints
  • Vertically laminated treble bridge with Maple cap
  • Duplex scaling
  • Solid copper wound bass strings
  • Aluminium alloy action rails
  • Yamaha balanced action
  • Spruce keys with hardwood buttons
  • Ivorite™ keytops with WPC sharps
  • Premium Yamaha designed hammers with T-fasteners
  • Specially designed hammer shanks
  • Reinforced keyframe pin with adjustable guide
  • Hardwood reinforced keyframe
  • Sostenuto
  • Patented Humid-A-Seal pinblock™
  • Cut thread tuning pins
  • Polyester finish
  • Resin sheet foundation
  • Soft-Close™ fallboard
  • Lid prop stopper
  • Locking fallboard and top
  • Solid brass casters
  • Vacuum Shield Mold Process (V-Pro) plate
  • Seasoned for destination


Finish: Black Polyester (Piano Black)

Length: 186cm (6' 1")

Width: 149 cm (5')

Height (lid closed): 101cm (40")

Weight: 320Kg

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