Yamaha B3 TC3 Transacoustic Upright Piano in black
  • Yamaha B3 TC3 Transacoustic Upright Piano in black
  • Yamaha B3 TC3 Transacoustic Upright Piano in black
  • Yamaha B3 TC3 Transacoustic Upright Piano in black

Yamaha B3 TC3 Transacoustic Upright Piano in black

Catalogue No: UYAM-B3TC3-BP


Yamaha model B3 in black polyester TC3 Transacoustic System.

The B3 is the largest model in Yamaha’s entry-level range but shares its frame with the ubiquitous U1. The longer strings and larger soundboard of the B3 produce a greater depth and flexibility than the smaller B-series pianos.

-£611.00 £9,876.00

An instrument which exhibits the most advanced Yamaha digital and timbre-balancing technology.

You can control the volume, mute, or play the numerous built-in sampled sounds out loud. This is achieved through transducers attached to the soundboard, it converts digital sound information into vibrations and delivers them to the soundboard. This in turn vibrates and joins the resonance of the strings to turn the entire piano into a resonator. 

You may also use the piano as a speaker and enjoy listening to preset songs, recordings of your own performances and even music from your smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth. You can also play along with songs streamed from your devices, adding the piano part for ensemble performances. Both the external music and the sound of the piano pass through the soundboard and body of the piano, combining to create a rich resonance.

Yamaha have two different types of TransAcoustic systems that they use on their pianos. The TC Silent System is used on all of Yamaha's core and premium ranges of acoustic pianos.

In Silent mode it is a powerful digital piano, using Yamaha's latest binaural CFX sample, with all the benefits of having a real piano action at your finger tips.

The most common question regarding the silent piano is "is this a digital piano?".

Our range of silent pianos are all completely acoustic instruments; meaning that hammers are still striking strings to produce a sound and therefore have the benefit of playing a real acoustic piano, however they also have a digital component that simply allow players the option to switch to a digital sound for "silent playing" via headphones.

Silent System features:

  • Binarual sampling of full size concert grand piano by Yamaha model CFX allows for a more three-dimentional experience
  • Different types of piano effects to emulate a real acoustic piano such as string resonance, sustain, damper resonance and
  • 19 sampled sounds which include - Piano, Electric piano 1 and 2, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Celesta, Pipe Organ, Jazz Organ, Strings and Choir
  • 50 Demo songs
  • Built-in recording and playback functions
  • Built-in metronome (Scales will only get better and better!)
  • 256 note polyphony
  • 256MB Wave ROM
  • Downloadable Apps are available to conect your piano to your iPad
  • Front control panel for ease of use
  • USB
  • 2 headphone sockets

All Yamaha pianos are available in different wood finishes, have the option for chrome or brass fittings and also the option to have the silent system. Please enquire in store for more details.

All transacoustic pianos by Yamaha are supplied with a pair of Yamaha headphones

Why Yamaha?

The Yamaha B3 is the largest model in the B series. With it being 121cm in height, this has a much bigger cabinet, soundboard and longer strings than the other two models in the range. It boasts a beautifully rich and warm tone due to these features. The action is more responsive in the B3 model, therefore making this a fantastic budget piano for advanced pianists. It is a brilliant entry-level piano for pianists of all levels.

All Yamaha pianos come with a 5-year guarantee. 


Height - 121 cm

Width - 152 cm

Depth - 62 cm

Weight - 237 kg

Delivery charges may apply depending on degree of difficulty and location. However, ground floor delivery is typically included provided access is straightforward - enquire now for details.

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