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Piano Carpet

Catalogue No: Piano-Carpet

A carpet specifically designed and insulated to protect your piano from the damaging effects of underfloor heating. 

Please note, all carpets are made to order and could take up to two weeks for delivery.

Upright piano carpets are available in black, beige or grey

Grand piano carpets are available in black or beige

Type: Modern Design Upright

Thinking of a hot air balloon, we all know that hot air rises.

Placing a grand piano over underfloor heating allows the warm, dry air to rise and effectively pool underneath the soundboard causing it to dry and inevitably split.

For an upright piano, you will be placing the piano direct on the heat source, which can also cause irreversable structural damage. 

You can combat this issue by using a Piano Carpet to stop the uprising heat from destroying your pride and joy. Piano carpets should effectively cover the whole of the footprint of your piano. There are many different sizes availble to suit smalller modern shaped uprights, bigger traditional uprights and custom made sizes to fit any size of grand piano. 

For further information or if you would like to order please contact either [email protected] or [email protected]