Primavera 200 Cello Outfit
  • Primavera 200 Cello Outfit
  • Primavera 200 Cello Outfit
  • Primavera 200 Cello Outfit
  • Primavera 200 Cello Outfit
  • Primavera 200 Cello Outfit
  • Primavera 200 Cello Outfit
  • Primavera 200 Cello Outfit
  • Primavera 200 Cello Outfit

Primavera 200 Cello Outfit

Catalogue No: ivPRI-2004/4Cello

Forsyth recommends!

These fantastic cellos punch well above their weight! A strong sounding student cello for vey little money!

  • Solid spruce/maple construction
  • Ebony fingerboard and fittings
  • Set up by Forsyth's violin tech
  • Comes with padded cover and carbonite bow
-£100.00 £1,050.00
Size: 4/4

What We Say

Made by the highly regarded Eastman Strings in Beijing, the Primavera has been something of a gamechanger in the world of student cellos, with a rich and loud voice that belies its price point. Central to this is the nice carved spruce top and commendably thin finish which allows the wood to resonate properly - so many student cellos suffer from a thick coat of plastic that muffles the top vibration, but they do a great job on the finish of these. Speaking of finish, they're also very attractive looking instruments, the reddish amber showing off the wood grain nicely, so they look the part as well as sounding decent.

Primavera 200s ship with a reasonable quality set of metal strings that are more than adequate for a beginner, however we regularly fit Jarger and even Larsen strings to Primaveras and it significantly improves the tone - we're always happy to do this to any cello we sell for the price of the strings, and of course if you buy a cello with the stock strings and decide to upgrade six months later we can help you then as well.

One area to be aware of with student violin family instruments is that they rarely play well out of the box: the bridges are usually left a little high and the changes is temperature and humidity associated with shipping instruments from the Far East means that, however well set up at the factory, they often suffer from stiff or sticking pegs and other issues. For this reason all of our arriving stock goes through our technical department where we check the fit of the pegs and the bridge and adjust as recessary, assuring that the instrument you buy will play perfectly.  

What They Say

This cello model is based on the incredibly popular 200 violin series, which won the Best Bowed String Instrument at the 2013 MIA awards.

Manufacturers Specification




4/4 to 1/8 Including 7/8th


11mm Primavera padded cover with pockets, back pack fittings & reflective safety styling


Black composite Primavera CB010 


Hand carved maple & spruce. Inlaid purfling


Fitted maple by Despiau or Pampi


Full ebony


Ebony Swiss model


4/4 Prelude - other sizes Standard steel


Metal alloy with adjusters


Metal alloy with adjusters




4/4 755mm, 

7/8 720mm

3/4 691mm, 

1/2 653mm, 

1/4 584mm, 

1/8 530mm,