Hidersine 3C Rosin for Cello
  • Hidersine 3C Rosin for Cello

Hidersine 3C Rosin for Cello

Catalogue No: avHID-3C

Based upon the original rosin recipes from Dr F Hider, Hidersine rosin uses a careful blend of waxes and timber resins to create a rosin that is easily ''keyed'' and kind to the bow.

Rosin on traditional cloth. Made in England. Large Size (26grams). Amber Colour.

Designed for optimum use with Cello


The choice of student and professional alike, Hidersine's rosins have become ubiquitous amongst cellists thanks to their balance of grip and playability.

This light amber rosin's constituent harder characteristics deliver great levels of bow hair traction on cello strings, being a little forgiving for the newer player yet still allowing more advanced players to articulate dynamic highs and lows.

NB: It is worth noting that ‘light/hard’ cello rosin is a little softer than the equivalent ‘light/hard’ violin rosin, as the larger strings of the cello require a slightly softer starting point to obtain the same levels of grip.

Made to one of Francis Hider’s most historic recipes, Hidersine 1C and 3C rosins have set the bar for cello rosins for decades, and they’re still made in England in the same way as they always were: the Artisanal process of hand-mixing and hand-pouring.