Instrument Rental and Buy Back Plans

We operate various hire schemes from one off hire for events such as concerts, wedding or TV through to long term rental and rent to buy.  With the exception of pianos, Forsyth doesn't offer Rent To Buy (or hire-purchase) on musical instruments. However, we will often offer guaranteed buy back, perfect if you have a child going through the sizes of instruments as the grow, or if you want to upgrade to a better instrument as your playing improves.

If you have any queries please get in touch.

We understand that learning an instrument requires both a personal and financial commitment. We want our customers to feel confident about their purchases and therefore offer an instrument hire scheme with the option to purchase the instrument for the full price less the rental amount already paid. This is an extremely popular scheme with new learners and those who are undecided to which level of instrument to go for. The Forsyth hire scheme is only available for school pupils. The Forsyth Buy Back Scheme is an alternative way for people to try an instrument with the option of returning it within the first 6 months.

How long is the hire period for?

The hire period is for three months, which is roughly a school term.

What happens at the end of the hire period?

At the end of the rental period you have the option to purchase the instrument for the current price less the amount paid in rental, or you can simply return the instrument to us.

Which instruments are available for hire?

Flutes - from £75 
Clarinets - from £55.50 
Alto Saxes - from £89.70 
Trumpets - from £55.50 
Cornets - from £109.50 
Trombones- from £110 

How do I arrange an instrument hire?

The parent / guardian of the student wanting to hire an instrument must complete a Forsyth Hire Form. You can either request the form from us and complete it in advance, or in the shop on the day you hire. Present the form to the instrument department on the 2nd floor with suitable proof of identity and address (driving licence and utility bill etc.) for the applicant’s parent or guardian before we take the hire amount and release the instrument. For hire forms please email your details to [email protected] or call 0161 834 3281 ext 226.

Buy Back Scheme 

Forsyth also operate a ‘Buy Back’ scheme, where you can enter into an agreement with Forsyth so that within the first 6 months of purchase Forsyth will agree to buy back the instrument for 70% of the purchase price*. This scheme is open to all customers. Violin family instruments are available under the 'Buy Back' scheme with an agreed buy back of 50% of the purchase price*.

Piano Hire

Forsyth has a fleet of quality pianos that are available for long term rental or concert and event hire, ranging from concert grands to studio uprights. Please ask for further information.

*subject to the instrument and case being in good condition. Some instruments are excluded from this scheme, please ask for details

Contact the Instrument Department on 0161 834 3281 ext 221 for details of available instruments.