Harmonizing Frequencies: Meinl Sonic Energy

Ever been in our second floor Instrument Department and wondered about the singing bowls, steel tongue drums and other wonderful things we have on offer? Then read on for more information about these instruments and the rest of Meinl’s Sonic Energy range!


Meinl Sonic Energy is … Your Sound Journey

Step into a journey with us. A journey to find more calmness, focus and relaxation. A journey to discover fresh, energizing sounds through instruments designed for anyone to explore, create and feel.


There is so much to explore about the world of Meinl Sonic Energy, from singing bowls with pure tones to enormous vibrating gongs and dream inspiring handpans to muscle relaxing tuning forks. You‘ll discover yourself in a whole new light with the aid of our instruments, and gain guidance on the road to harmony and better quality of life.


This isn’t about performance - anyone can create with Sonic Energy instruments. A musical background isn‘t required. The way we design these instruments immediately activates your senses and opens your mind when you play them, and this experience can be highly impactful. It will come natural to create beautiful and calming sounds that fill your surroundings with ethereal tone.


Sound is physical, and you’ll feel the transfer of energy from these instruments directly through your body. Place our tuning forks on pressure points to see how your muscles relax, sit next to one of our gongs and let the waves of sound pass through, or stand in our Grounding Singing Bowls to immerse yourself in the vibrations and soothing tone.
Focus your mind, clear out negative energy and enjoy your sound journey.


Singing Bowls

The white-frostedMeinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowls, made of high-purity quartz, create a very pleasant aura with their sound and design. Their long-lasting, spherical tone spreads when the singing bowl is gently tapped or rubbed so that the energy can be felt in the entire surroundings.

These Singing Bowls resonant to the frequencies of different Chakras. Chakras originate from the Tantric traditions that developed in ancient India and are focal points for meditation within the human body.

If the flow of energy through your Chakras is interrupted or obstructed, Sound Healing can be used to stimulate the respective Chakra using the associated resonant frequency. Gongs and singing bowls are the great masters of creating healing overtones, frequencies and, tones by themselves.


Mini Steel Tongue Drums

The Mini Steel Tongue Drum with pre-tuned notes is perfect for any music lover, teacher, or sound therapy practitioner to play. This scaled-down version of the standard steel tongue drum is a fun size for endless possibilities on where to play. From yoga and sound therapy to classrooms, offices, or your coffee table, this 6” diameter drum can be played by anyone, anywhere, regardless of skill. Its pre-tuned scale means there are no wrong notes, and the sound is ethereal and soothing (like a soft steel pan drum). Includes two soft rubber mallets for a full and tranquil tone.

Posted On: Mar 30, 2024

Categories: Instruments