Uncovering the history of a Blüthner Piano

We were recently contacted by Salford Museum and Art Gallery about a grand piano in their collection. This led to a deep dive into our archives which resulted in us being able to trace its history from its creation in 1922 to now. Carry on reading for the story of this beautiful piano's history!

The piano is a Blüthner grand piano and was originally made in Germany in 1922 for the Shinwell family. It was designed to fit with the panelling in the room where it stood.

The Shinwell's then moved from Germany to Alderley Edge sometime before 1943, where they then sold the piano to us on 10/09/1943. This is when we would have stamped the stock code '17393' inside it.

The piano was then sold on 27/06/1944 to 'Dale' in Northwich. We then bought the piano back from Dale on 04/07/1947, when we would have added the second stock code '17642'.

The piano was sold once again to Dr Ghosh of Salford on 11/07/1947. Dr Ghosh unfortunately died in September 1948 and he bequeathed his collection of notable books and his piano to Salford's Library and Museum service. The piano remains with the Salford Museum & Art Gallery to this day.

Many thanks to Peter Ogilvie from Salford Museum & Art Gallery who helped us fill in some of the gaps

Our services extend beyond selling pianos and tracking down their history. If you've got a piano that needs some TLC or even more extensive restoration work, we're always happy to help. Whether the piano originally came from us or not!

Posted On: Feb 24, 2024

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