Ligeti, György - Sonata
  • Ligeti, György - Sonata

Ligeti, György - Sonata

Catalogue No: ED8374
for viola solo

Product FormatSheet Music
ComposerLigeti, György
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Publication Date19 April 2001
Grade of Difficultydifficult
ISBN9783795797409 (3795797403)
ISMN9790001111928 (M001111928)

‘Apparently the viola is just a somewhat larger violin, simply tuned a fifth lower. In reality though, there is a world of difference between the two instruments.’ – The composer lends weight to his argument with this impressive ‘real’ viola piece: extreme high notes are avoided, indeed, one movement is played exclusively on the C string.


  1. Hora lunga
  2. Loop
  3. Facsar
  4. Prestissimo con sordino
  5. Lamento
  6. Chaconne chromatique