Coles, Paul - Celtic Melodies
  • Coles, Paul - Celtic Melodies

Coles, Paul - Celtic Melodies

Catalogue No: UE21820
16 middle-grade solos for classical guitar
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Explore the fascinating world of Celtic music In this volume of “Celtic Melodies”, Paul Coles offers us first of all a selection of seven well-known traditional pieces from the lands of Scotland and Ireland. These intermediate solo guitar arrangements (Grade 4-5) will enable players to take the floor with confidence at their local folk club. Continuing the tradition of this musical genre and of folk music clubs in general, Paul has added eight pieces of his own composition, indisputably inspired by Scottish and Irish heritage. Finally, as a Welshman, he has looked to his homeland for another treasure and included the traditional Welsh lullaby, “Suo Gân”, a remarkable piece that was used in Spielberg’s film, “Empire of the Sun”.Appealing arrangements of well-known, traditional Celtic melodies, together with new compositions in the Celtic styleWritten in accessible keys with left and right-hand fingering suggestions includedIdeal performance material


  • Coles PaulTombermory – Isle of Mull
  • Coles PaulFinnegan Dinnegan
  • Coles PaulThe Lone Piper
  • Irish TraditionalShe Moved Through the Fair
  • Coles PaulTaoiseach (Chieftan)
  • Coles PaulSons of Their Fathers
  • Irish TraditionalCooley’s Reel
  • Coles PaulBraonta báistí (Raindrops)
  • Scottish TraditionalBrochan Loawm
  • Coles PaulDyma ble mae fy nghalon (This Is Where My Heart Is)
  • Irish TraditionalAfter the Battle of Aughrim
  • O'Carolan TurloughPlanxty Fanny Poer
  • O'Carolan TurloughPlanxty Colonel John Irwin of Sligo
  • Coles PaulGlannau pell (Distant Shores)
  • Irish TraditionalThe Londonderry Air ‘Danny Boy’
  • Welsh TraditionalSuo Gân


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