Smith, Richard - My Piano, My Body and Me Book 2
  • Smith, Richard - My Piano, My Body and Me Book 2

Smith, Richard - My Piano, My Body and Me Book 2

Catalogue No: CAMDEN326
Product FormatSheet Music
ComposerSmith, Richard
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ISBN9780957501270 (0957501277)
ISMN9790570343263 (M570343263)

Making the most of two wonderful machines. to integrate technique, musicianship and interpretation. Book 2 - intermediate grades - playing music from different periods Why should I approach Baroque music differently to that written in the Romantic period? What is direct pedalling....and finger pedalling? How do I play and count unusual time signatures? Book 2 is the companion to Book 1, developing the holistic approach to technique, musicianship and interpretation adopted in the first publication. It explains how music written in, say the Baroque period should be approached differently to 20th century compositions. This volume charts the piano's development, showing how the larger instruments that emerged at the end of the 19th century made different physical and mental demands on performers. Music written at the various times inevitably reflects the instruments of the day and the contemporary attitudes and abilities of the players. Pianists today however are playing very different instruments to their predecessors. This demands close consideration when performing music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th century...and the pleasure that has been constant throughout the ages. Book 2 is equally instructive and illuminating as its predecessor, with another selection of inspiring, imaginative pieces specifically written to practise particular skills and techniques, e.g. grace notes ('Kestrel'), the una corda pedal ('Serenity'), compound time ('Loving Living') and unusual time signatures ('All in Good Time').