Night and Dreams
  • Night and Dreams

Night and Dreams

Catalogue No: ED9048
36 Original Piano Pieces

Product FormatSheet Music
ArrangerTwelsiek, Monika
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SeriesSchott Piano Classics
Publication Date4 October 2010
Grade of Difficultyintermediate
ISBN9783795753993 (3795753996)
ISMN9790001171595 (M001171595)

The music teacher and pianist Monika Twelsiek adds a new selection of piano works around the subject of Night and Dreams to the Piano Classics series. At any time, the night was a theme in literature, art and music. 'Night' and 'Dream' are emotional images which evoke vastly different emotions in different people. The night is a place of peace and security, of longing and love, of secrets, imagination and dreams. But night also means strangeness, loneliness, fear, danger and crime. The collection 'Night and Dreams' with works from the Romantic piano literature to new contemporary sounds tries to capture all of these nightly emotions. Apart from a plethora of folk-song-like lullabies, numerous fantastic dream pieces and descriptions of dangerous night scenes have been added to the collection. An alluring mixture of imagination and reality, for advanced piano pupils and lovers of piano music.


  1. P. Zilcher: Lullaby, op. 93/4
  2. G. Nevada: A Little Dreamy
  3. A. Gretchaninoff: Lullaby, op. 98
  4. C. Gurlitt: 4 Reverie, op. 210
  5. R. Volkmann: Night Song, op. 17
  6. R. Schumann: Lullaby, op. 124
  7. J. Senfter: Lullaby
  8. F. Burgmüller: Lullaby, op. 109
  9. P. Tschaikowsky: Sweet Reverie, op. 39
  10. R. Fuchs: Lullaby, op. 32
  11. E. Satie: Lullaby
  12. K.-H. Pick: Sleeping Beauty is Sleeping
  13. H. Regner: Phantasmagoria
  14. B. Heller: Evening Flower
  15. G. Nevada: When Paris Dreams
  16. J. Turina: The Village Sleeps
  17. E. Pütz: Sleep Well Blues
  18. J. Kember: Midnight Blue
  19. G. Nevada: Starry Dome
  20. E. Grieg: Lullaby, op. 38
  21. A. Gretchaninoff: Bed Time, op. 109
  22. Nightly Event, op. 115
  23. K. Slavicky: The Evil Dream
  24. B. Martinu: The Cats' Procession in the Solstice Night
  25. R. Schumann: Reverie, op. 15
  26. Child Falling Asleep, op. 20
  27. A. Rubinstein: The Night, op. 44/1
  28. L. He: Lullaby
  29. E. Pütz: Night of Love
  30. J. Field: Nocturne B-flat major
  31. F. Chopin: Nocturne E-flat major op. 9/2
  32. Nocturne E minor, op. 72/1
  33. E. Grieg: Notturno, op. 54
  34. C. Debussy: Reverie
  35. W. Killmayer: Nocturne III
  36. P. Hindemith: Fantastic Duet of Two Trees at the Window, op. 15