Poulton, Diana - A Tutor for the Renaissance Lute
  • Poulton, Diana - A Tutor for the Renaissance Lute

Poulton, Diana - A Tutor for the Renaissance Lute

Catalogue No: ED12324
for the complete beginner to the advanced student

Product FormatSheet Music
ComposerPoulton, Diana
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Publication Date1 September 1991
ISBN9780946535064 (094653506X)
ISMN9790220115264 (M220115264)

With the benefit of her many years' study of the repertoire and teaching of the instrument, Diana Poulton has completely re-cast her earlier book (An Introduction to Lute Playing, 1961) to produce, in A Tutor for the Renaissance Lute, the most comprehensive method for the lute based on Renaissance precepts. The book will be found equally useful to students working alone – giving clear instructions on all technical matters, progressively introduced according to their difficulty – and to teachers (providing a source of some seventy-five pieces from which to structure their pupils' progress). The advanced student, too, will find that much of the music is suitable for recital programmes.


  1. The Instrument
  2. Stringing
  3. Tuning
  4. Some practical advice on tuning
  5. Tablature
  6. Holding the Lute
  7. The right hand
  8. The left hand
  9. The diapasons
  10. Italian tablature
  11. The nexachord
  12. Spanish music and the bihuela
  13. More about Spanish music
  14. Questions
  15. Scales
  16. The use of graces in Renaissance lute music
  17. The performing of graces
  18. Graces in English sources
  19. Intabulations of polyphonic vocal music
  20. The interpretation of signs in the French air de cour
  21. The "half" barré
  22. German tablature
  23. Cifra nueva
  24. The ten-course lute
  25. List of Sources and Modern Editions