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College Songs for School Bands - 2nd F Horn

Catalogue No: HL03750081
Product FormatSheet Music
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SeriesCollege Songs
Publication Date1980

Contents: Across The Field (Ohio State): Carmen Ohio (Ohio State): Dear Old Nebraska U (U. of Nebraska): Down The Line (Notre Dame): Far Above Cayuga's Waters (Cornell): Fight On (U. of Southern California): Go U Northwestern(Northwestern): Hail Purdue (Purdue): Illinois Loyalty (U. of Illinois): I'm A Jayhawk (U. of Kansas): Indiana, Our Indiana (U. of Indiana): Iowa Corn Song (Iowa State): Men Of Pennsylvania (U. of Pennsylvania): Mighty Oregon (U.of Oregon): Minnesota Rouser (U. of Minnesota): Navy Blue And Gold (U.S. Naval Academy): Northwestern Push On Song (Northwestern): Notre Dame Victory March (Notre Dame): On Wisconsin (U. of Wisconsin): Rambling Wreck From GeorgiaTech (Georgia Tech): Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, The (Fraternity): Varsity (U. of Michigan): Victors, The (U. of Michigan): Wave The Flag (U. of Chicago): When THe Irish Backs Go Marching By (Notre Dame): White Star of Sigma Nu, The(Fraternity) (E6126C) Due to copyright restrictions, Harvardiana is no longer included within this collection.


  1. Across The Field
  2. Wave The Flag
  3. Dear Old Nebraska U. (There Is No Place Like Nebraska)
  4. The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi
  5. Far Above Cayugas Waters
  6. Fight On
  7. Go Northwestern Go (Go U Northwestern)
  8. Hail Purdue
  9. I'm A Jayhawk
  10. Illinois Loyalty (We're Loyal To You, Illinois)
  11. Indiana, Our Indiana
  12. Iowa Corn Song
  13. Men Of Pennsylvania
  14. Mighty Oregon
  15. The U. Of M. Rouser
  16. Navy Blue And Gold
  17. Notre Dame Victory March
  18. On Wisconsin!
  19. Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech
  20. The Victors (Michigan Fight Song)
  21. Carmen Ohio
  22. Down The Line
  23. Harvardiana
  24. Northwestern Push On Song
  25. Varsity (Michigan)
  26. When The Irish Backs Go Marching By
  27. White Star Of Sigma Nu,The