White, Glass and Speciality Grand Piano Hire


If you are interested in hiring a white grand piano, glass piano, self-playing (automated) piano or other speciality instrument, please call our expert piano sales staff on 0161 834 3281 ext. 604 to discuss your needs. 

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We have two white grand pianos available in our hire fleet (both of which are illustrated) as well as automated and special case instruments.

We often get asked for specific period instruments for theatre and TV productions (from harpsichords and square pianos to Victorian ornate upright or grand pianos) and will do our best to locate an apporpriate instrument if we don't have one in our extensive stocks.

Please note that availability of these pianos -particularly the automated and glass grands is strictly limited and therefore we recommend getting in touch with us well in advance of your event so that we can secure the instrument you require.

As well as concert and other short term hires, we also provide pianos for long term rental. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.

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