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  • £ 50.50

    Classic - The original design. These give clarity, precision, and a very easily controlled, centred sound. It adds more brilliance and richer upper overtones than the convex outer profiles of other designs. The Classic design is very responsive and easy to play. It has excellent flexibility and a rich tone. Our Classic mouthpieces are available in silver...

    £ 50.50
  • £ 999.00 £ 1,279.00

    Eb Tenor Horn with bright silver plating finish Part of the Renaissance brass range - a Trevor James range designed by professional brass player David Holt over a period of three years  Features new Trevor James acoustic bell brace Manufacturer with over 25 years' experience in instrument design and production Comes with case and mouthpiece For full...

    £ 999.00 £ 1,279.00
  • £ 99.00

    The NEW 26 series brass bags are as small and lightweight as possible with good protection in all the right places New features include new handles, new crossover single zip opening, heavy duty oversized zips throughout, high density padding, two extra lined pockets with separate pocket for mouthpiece and accessories and the new backpack and shoulder...

    £ 99.00
  • £ 4.00

    A few drops provides long-lasting lubrication. Needle-type applicator provides accurate, clean and easy usage with less wastage. This oil is perfect for any instrument equipped with rotary, axial flow or thayer valves, such as french horn, tuba, descant horn, alto horn, trumpet, tenor horn, alto trombone, tenor trombone, bass trombone and helicon.   0.5oz...

    £ 4.00
  • £ 1,464.00 £ 1,633.82

    Yamaha YAH-203 Student Tenor Horn — from the Yamaha standard series. Easy to play, with excellent intonation. The conical bore produces a mellow, rounded tone, particularly in the middle of the range. Solid and reliably built -  for those looking for a powerful platform on which to begin a long musical career, or for hobbyists serious about their playing.

    £ 1,464.00 £ 1,633.82
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  • £ 500.00 £ 665.00

    This is an intermediate tenor trombone by Elkhart. It has a mdium large bore and is finished in lacquer.  With the traditional wised Bach slide, and closed wrap F section, this trombone offers a great brass sound. A popular choice for a developing student, this trombone is both robust and has a good quality finish to accompany its great sound.

    £ 500.00 £ 665.00
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  • £ 699.00 £ 794.00

    Intermediate / student Bb trombone.  An ideal starter instrument that will take a student up to Grade 5+, with impeccable Yamaha build quality and tone and having many of the features associated with the Yamaha professional models.

    £ 699.00 £ 794.00
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  • £ 65.00

    A carefully selected Bach mouthpiece can help improve a player’s embouchure, attack, tonguing and endurance. Because no two players have the same lip or tooth formation, what is perfect for one may be entirely unsuitable for the other. Bach produces many different models so that each player can find the best mouthpiece for their individual embouchure.

    £ 65.00
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items