The Finest Selection of New and Second Hand Pianos for Sale in the UK.  

Please note all the pianos listed are IN STOCK for you to try at our shop in the heart of Manchester (unless stated).

At Forsyths we have been selling pianos since 1857 and are now the largest independent piano ...


The Finest Selection of New and Second Hand Pianos for Sale in the UK.  

Please note all the pianos listed are IN STOCK for you to try at our shop in the heart of Manchester (unless stated).

At Forsyths we have been selling pianos since 1857 and are now the largest independent piano shop in the UK. At the heart of our Piano Department is the fact that we are all passionate about these wonderful instruments as pianists, technicians, tuners, and appreciators. We choose our huge range of pianos with care and prepare every instrument with the closest possible attention to detail. We are piano specialists and we love sharing our enthusiasm and knowledge with other musicians. We are the only authorised Schimmel dealers (including the Wilhelm Schimmel, Schimmel International, Schimmel Classic and Schimmel Konzert ranges) in the Manchester , Cheshire, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria areas and we are also authorised main dealers for Boesendorfer, Bechstein, Hoffman, Yamaha, Kawai & Kemble.

Buying a Piano 

When you buy a piano at Forsyth you are able to choose from one of the widest range of new, second-hand, re-conditioned/re-built, grand, upright, silent, self-playing and special design acoustic pianos in the UK, giving you every chance of meeting your perfect musical companion. We’ll give you the tools to explore the pianos for yourself, helping you to find the character which is right for a place in your family. Once you’ve bought from us, you are then part of Forsyths. We love to hear how our customers are getting on and we pride ourselves on always having time to answer any questions you might have or just to have a friendly chat about your latest musical endeavours.

About Our Online Piano Showroom

As you browse our range using the menu on the left-hand side, you will notice that whilst some pianos have prices and can be ordered online, many do not. This is because we firmly believe in the value of choosing a piano by experiencing it for yourself and we want you to take the opportunity to speak with us and visit our showroom to ensure that you make the right choice for your needs, both now and in the future.


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  • £ 1,800.00

    A Yamaha model M1J upright piano finished in teak satin, origianlly built in 1978 in Japan. This is a very popular compact model of Yamaha from the 70s This piano is available for long-term rental at £11 per week.

    £ 1,800.00
  • £ 496.00 £ 521.00

    New From Yamaha! Coming October 2018 Drawing on a century of industry leading piano craftmanship, the Yamaha P-121 has 73 keys as opposed to 88 whilst retaining the hammer action feel of an acoustic grand. Featuring 24 voices, rhythms and a superb speaker system in a supremely light 10kg cabinet. Stand pictured not included, available as an optional extra.

    £ 496.00 £ 521.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 4,660.00 £ 5,246.00

    In stock B Series upright piano by Yamaha model B3 in black polyester with chrome fittings. The B3 is the largest model in Yamaha’s entry-level range but shares its frame with the ubiquitous U1. The longer strings and larger soundboard of the B3 produce a greater depth and flexibility than its smaller B-series brothers.  To check for the latest price,...

    £ 4,660.00 £ 5,246.00
  • £ 6,790.00 £ 7,286.00

    In stock The P series uprights were made specifically for the European market, utilising a European Spruce sound board for a more resonant and richer tone. 

    £ 6,790.00 £ 7,286.00
  • £ 2,320.00 £ 2,700.00

    The Yamaha CLP 675 is a truly elite digital piano. Next generation GrandTouch keyboard and 3-way speaker system bring the touch and feel of an acoustic grand. Concierge delivery and assembly is available on this product, please see here for details.

    £ 2,320.00 £ 2,700.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 240.00 £ 300.00

    This piano pedal extender by Hidrau is the perfect accesory to help young pianists to reach their full potential. It is suitable for children aged up to around 10 years old who have difficulty reaching the pedals when seated at the correct height.  The Hidrau pedal extender helps pianists play with the correct posture from an early age and is an ideal...

    £ 240.00 £ 300.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 39.00 £ 50.10

    Single braced keyboard bench with 'X' folding legs. Height adjustable in four positions with locking screw.

    £ 39.00 £ 50.10
    Reduced price!
  • £ 4,690.00 £ 4,990.00

    In stock This U3X is a relatively rare model of piano. This instrument in black polyester was manufactured in the 1977 in Japan.  It has been fully reconditioned by Yamaha and therefore includes their full 5-year manufacturers warranty. This piano is distiguished from the 'standard' U3 by the addition of "X" shaped bracing on the back of the piano which...

    £ 4,690.00 £ 4,990.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 2,899.00 £ 3,310.00

    Out of stock Upright piano by Yamaha model B1 finished in open-pore dark walnut satin. If you are looking for a good, modern piano for a beginner or casual player, and want something a bit different looking this dark walnut satin Yamaha might be the piano for you.  We've found these to be popular over the years. To check for the latest price, please call...

    £ 2,899.00 £ 3,310.00
  • £ 76,867.00

    UK exclusive come and try it here - The NEW 185VC grand piano is the exciting addition to the acclaimed Vienna Concert range of Boesendorfer instruments aimed at the professional and demanding amateur pianist.  Sir András Schiff was so impressed that he commissioned his own unique 280VC in Pyramid mahogany for his use in Concert Halls in Europe and now...

    £ 76,867.00
  • £ 649.00 £ 779.00

    New from Casio, the AP-270 is the perfect first digital piano for the home. Features include a triple sensor action, full triple pedal, and AiR sound system for a realistic piano tone. The instrument also features a two track midi recorder for your own compositions.

    £ 649.00 £ 779.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 5,990.00

    SOLD Pre-owned piano by Schimmel Model 112 Empire made in Braunschweig, Germany, in 1982. This elegant casework reflects the early 19th century "Empire" furniture designs and is finished in Pyramid Mahogany.

    £ 5,990.00
  • £ 1,700.00

    Pre-owned upright piano by Welmar model JX2 finished in mahogany satin.  This English-made piano dates from 1974 and has been fully serviced in our on-site workshop. Available via our long-term rental scheme for only £12.00 per week.

    £ 1,700.00
  • £ 1,100.00

    Pre-owned upright piano by Bentley finished in mahogany polish. A fantastic, compact acoustic piano perfect for beginners. This piano is also available for long-term rental at the rate of £10.00 per week.

    £ 1,100.00
  • £ 10,990.00 £ 13,434.00

    The YUS Series silent transacoustic upright pianos are widely known as an enhanced version of the Yamaha U Series, flagship, upright student pianos. This YUS1 features a superior scale design and utilises the same hammer felt and strings used in the SU7, Yamaha's top of the range upright piano. To check for the latest price, please call on 0161 834 3281...

    £ 10,990.00 £ 13,434.00
Showing 46 - 60 of 255 items