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C.Bechstein Academy A124 Style Upright Piano


Formerly known as the Bechstein model B series, this upright piano by C. Bechstein Academy, model A124 Style, is finished in black polyester with a traditional casing.

A fantastic upright that belongs to the middle range of the Bechstein pianos, ideal for high level learners and professional players.

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  • Acoustic
  • Bechstein Vario Duet Silent System

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Nothing beats coming in to try and to compare these pianos for yourselves in person, however, we know that this is not always a possibility. By request, we are happy to provide videos, audio recordings and can even facilitate video calls in order to help our customers to find the right instrument from where ever they may be.

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Why C.Bechstein? 

What Bechstein say:


A delight to see and hear

Bechstein  124 Style: a fortepiano with a profound voice and a virtuosic action, developed in Germany by the C. Bechstein engineers and sound specialists.

Stately design, voluminous sound and irresistible touch. The Bechstein B 124 Style fortepiano is a premium instrument that meets the requirements of both professional pianists and demanding amateurs. The Bechstein B 124 Style is a must if you’re in search of a top-quality instrument at an affordable price.


Fortepiano: spellbound by a select sound

A piano with ideal proportions, the Bechstein B 124 Style model was developed by the engineers at the C. Bechstein R&D department, a facility unique the world over for its blending of traditional craftsmanship and high technological expertise. The B 124 Style is made by old-school piano-makers who have been entrusted with the rich Bechstein heritage, and who keep the Bechstein tradition alive and pave the way for tomorrow’s piano-making. Play this top-class instrument and get ready to be spellbound by its select sound.

Bechstein is the number one in premium piano manufacturing. Above this brand, there’s only the C. Bechstein Masterpiece class."

All Bechstein pianos are guaranteed for 5 years.


Height - 125 cm

Width  - 151 cm

Depth -  61 cm

Weight - 255 kg

Other options? 

Not everyone wants the same modern black polyester finish and that is why C.Bechstein have pianos available in different casework styles as well as various finishes, ranging from white polyester to different wood shades. 

C.Bechstein pianos are also available with the BECHSTEIN VARIO Duet silent system. Our range of silent pianos are all completely acoustic instruments; meaning that hammers are still striking strings to produce a sound and therefore have the benefit of playing a real acoustic piano, however, they also have a digital component that simply allows players the option to switch to a digital sound for "silent playing" via headphones.

For further information on what is available, please contact our friendly piano department team to discuss options, lead times and prices. 

Need a stool?

We have a wide selection of matching adjustable piano stools available. You can pick up one of our premium CGM PIANO STOOLS here!

If you are a music teacher or a music institution, you might also be interested in the easily adjustable hydraulic piano stools by HIDRAU

Delivery charges may apply depending on degree of difficulty and location. However, ground floor delivery is typically included provided access is straightforward - enquire now for details.

Although we ordinarily stock these pianos we do like to sell them, so please do call ahead to check stock levels with one of our friendly piano department staff before making a special trip.

We usually have in stock over 40 new grand pianos, over 70 new upright pianos and an ever-changing supply of pre-owned acoustic pianos; we are definitely worth a visit!

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