(SOLD) Limited Edition Schimmel C121EM Black Super Matte Upright Piano


This piano is now sold.

Brand new limited edition anniversary model! Classic series upright piano by Schimmel model C121EM finished in a black super matte finish with chrome fittings.

This super matte finish is a brand new finish entirely unique to Schimmel and is finished in a designer gunmetal black. It is velvety to the touch and doesn't show up fingerprints!

Only one available in the UK!!

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£ 15,335.00

-£ 765.00

£ 16,100.00

  • Acoustic
  • TwinTone™ Silent System

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Need a stool?

We have a wide selection of matching adjustable piano stools available. You can pick up either:

a fully matching HIDRAU SCHIMMEL PIANO STOOL or a good quality CGM PIANO STOOL

Other options? 

All Schimmel pianos are available in a variety of wood finishes and optional chrome fittings, please enquire for further details

These pianos are also available with Schimmels own TwinTone™ silent system, allowing for silent piano practise with headphones. We know that all pianos are complete individuals and the exciting part of their new TwinTone™ system is that it can now be retrofitted in our own workshop for an additional £500 on the usual TwinTone™ price! You can read the specifications on their new TwinTone silent system through the link above. 

Why Schimmel Classic? 

This a new improved version of Schimmels ever-popular Classic C120T and are significantly more stable, which is particularly noticeable with regard to temperature and humidity sensitivity.

During this years NAMM Show in California, the international piano magazine "Piano Buyer", tested Schimmel's new upright model C121.             

This is what they had to say:

“Right away, the C121’s tone struck me as being exceptionally well balanced throughout the range — rich and singing, particularly in the ‘killer’ fifth
octave, so-called because of the technical difficulty in most piano designs of getting the notes of that octave to sing. In fact, the tone had long sustain and excellent clarity, and was very subtle and complex — more refined than that of its nearest competitors from Japan.”

“Solidly built, it would easily withstand the rigors of institutional use. The C 121 would be an excellent choice for churches, theaters, and venues that require a good instrument but don’t need a grand piano for solo recitals.”

“The Schimmel C 121 presents a tonally more interesting alternative [to the Yamaha U1].”

“It’s a fine piano with a wide range of applications in private home use, study, and piano teaching.”

“. . . it can provide a rewarding musical experience for the professional musician or teacher while still looking good in any room of the house.”

The new C121T is significantly more stable, which is particularly noticeable with regard to temperature and humidity sensitivity

Main features:

  • Reinforced pressure bars for increased tuning stability
  • Reinforced keybed and cabinet design for higher resilience to climatic influences 
  • Reinforced iron plate – backframe design for a better tuning stability 
  • reinforced keyrail – keybed design for better stability during transportation/delivery.
  • Mass-reduced bridge to increase tonal colours and sustain (as found in the Konzert range)
  • 100% designed and made in Germany by Schimmel - BVK Certified
  • Schimmel designed action made by Renner
  • Impressive bass quality, out-performing many taller uprights


Height - 121 cm

Width - 150 cm

Depth - 59 cm

Weight - 249 kg


Forsyth is one of a very select handful of authorised Schimmel dealers in the UK and the only one North of the Midlands.  All new Schimmel pianos supplied by us are carefully prepared to the highest standards and supplied with Schimmel's 5-year warranty and official 'Care and Maintenance' booklet.

Although we ordinarily stock these pianos we do like to sell them, so please do call ahead to check stock levels with one of our friendly piano department staff before making a special trip.

We usually have in stock over 40 new grand pianos, over 70 new upright pianos and an ever-changing supply of pre-owned acoustic pianos; we are definitely worth a visit!

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